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Dr. Carlos Bianciotto
Carlos G. Bianciotto Retinoblastoma Research Foundation

Dr Bianciotto completed his residency training at Fundacion Malbran in Buenos Aires. He then did a fellowship in Oculoplastics at the University of Valladolid in Spain after obtaining a scholarship from the spanish government. Afterwards, he completed one year of training in the Ophthalmology Department at the Cannes Hospital of the University of Nice in France. More recently, he joined Wills Eye Institute Oncology Service for fellowship training. He has co-authored more than 10 publications in peer reviewed journals.

A devoted physician and sincere friend. The man who helped hundreds of children avoid death and blindness from retinoblastoma. The man who gave his life, each and every day, to reassure parents, to organize chemotherapy, and stay late in the evening just to be sure that the young baby would win her battle with cancer—and she did.

Time and time again, he fought his own battle with cancer. And now he would like his rememberance to be with those retinoblastoma children for whom he genuinely cared for and loved.

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