Each year in the US approximately 3000 adults develop life-threatening eye melanoma, 300 babies manifest malignant retinoblastoma in one or both eyes, and thousands of others develop serious cancers in and around the eye.
Your little girl, your husband, your mother ??? could be the next one to notice blurred vision and receive the news that there is a cancer lurking inside the eye.
Carlos G. Bianciotti Retinoblastoma Research Foundation

The Eye Tumor Research Foundation is a foundation devoted to research in eye cancers and eye tumors in an effort to win the struggle for life and sight. The ultimate goal of the Foundation is to extend life and sight and improve patient care by developing and improving methods of diagnosis and treatments.

The contributions made to the foundation are specifically for one purposeā€”to provide support for research in the investigation of eye cancers and eye tumors. Your generous donations are needed to ensure the continuation of this goal.

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