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The Eye Tumor Research Foundation was conceived with the assistance of grateful patients and friends for the support of research in the field of eye cancer. The Foundation was formed as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1989. Several preliminary contributions from a few generous patients helped establish the foundation. Since the initial funding, donations have been received from around the world, even from distant places like Australia and China. Matching donations from participating employers, foundations, and charities have also been received. The contributions are specifically for one purpose - to provide support for research in the investigation of cancers and tumors of the eye.

What is eye cancer?

There are many types of cancer that can appear in all parts of the eye. Many are serious life-threatening conditions. Tumors can appear on the iris, cornea, conjunctiva, eyelid, orbit, and also inside the eye in structures such as the retina, ciliary body, choroid, and optic disc. There are various types of cancer that can disrupt these structures such as melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, lymphoma, nevus, hemangioma, retinoblastoma, astrocytoma, metastasis, etc.


Dr. Carlos Bianciotto was a devoted physician and sincere friend. The man who helped hundreds of children avoid death and blindness from retinoblastoma. The man who gave his life, each and every day, to reassure parents, to organize chemotherapy, and stay late in the evening just to be sure that the young baby would win their battle with cancer. And they did, time and time again. He fought his own battle with cancer, and now he would like his remembrance to be with those retinoblastoma children for whom he genuinely cared and loved.

In honor of Dr. Bianciotto, a research foundation was established immediately prior to his death. With his acknowledgement, the Carlos G. Bianciotto Retinoblastoma Research Fund was established to support investigations for retinoblastoma in children. He was happy that this legacy will carry on in his honor.

What is Retinoblastoma?

Retinoblastoma is a rare cancer of the eye caused by a mutation in chromosome 13. It affects children, usually under the age of 3 years old, in one or both eyes. It is very rare and in the United States there is usually only 300 cases per year. Early detection is key. It is diagnosed by having a white pupil or drifting eye. When the doctor looks into the eye, the white cancer is seen. Occasionally, diagnosis can be as early as birth.


Help build the path to a cure

With every donation of $500 or more, you help the Eye Tumor Research Foundation build a path to a cure.
See your name below and at the Ocular Oncology Service of Wills Eye Hospital

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