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We are looking for determined, passionate people who are ready to fight for life & sight and become leaders in their community. What does a team leader do? A team leader can do many things in their community including: Organize ETRF fundraisers, spread eye cancer awareness, meet and foster relationships with others in their area who are also fighting for life & sight.  Once you take the jump and become a leader, see below for all the tools you need to help make your efforts a success!

Resources for leaders

Help educate your community and participants in your fundraising efforts about eye cancer and eye cancer research! Click the links below to access all of our informative eye cancer research tools.

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Hosting an event? Use the following donation form for your fundraiser! You can also inform your guests about our online donation form for fast, secure, gift-giving!


learn about the eye tumor research foundation and inform others. become a superhero today!

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